I came to DBU as a freshman in the fall of 2011. My journey to DBU was nothing short of exciting, and I am significantly blessed to attend this God-fearing University.

My transition from high school to college was quite different compared to the majority of high school students, because of my homeschooled background. As a homeschooled student, I was worried that my high school credits would not be accepted by a large majority of colleges and universities. I quickly found, however, that most colleges were willing to work with me on this issue. DBU was instrumental in working with me to ensure that I was admitted into the University.

Upon my acceptance to DBU, I anticipated my move to a college dormitory to be seamless. Transitioning from residing at home to residing in a college dormitory with hundreds of other occupants was definitely a culture change. Though the process of moving into my college dorm was smooth, no one could have prepared me for the valuable lessons I would learn while living in the dorms.

While living at home I had the ability to control the environment around me. This luxury is no longer available when you move into a dorm room. You must learn how to cohabitate with other people who have a different lifestyle, different likes and dislikes, and even different perceptions on life. Learning how to resolve conflict within a college dormitory is significantly important.

During my time at DBU, I was privileged to take part in intramurals and in Greek Life. The DBU RecLife staff does a great job in developing intramural leagues for various sports that are competitive, and glorifying to God. DBU’s Greek Life organization contains multiple fraternities and sororities which are focused on developing community within the University, and striving to give glory to God through our relationships and our service projects.

DBU has tremendously blessed my life. DBU welcomes all students who desire to pursue a Christ-centered quality higher education. This includes homeschooled students, like myself, as well!

DBU has a great support system for all students, and the faculty/staff are willing to lend a helping hand. Though college is challenging, it is very rewarding. My hope is that you will embrace the opportunity to attend DBU!

College is a time of transition for everyone. Students are moving away from home and living more on their own, while parents have to learn to live with a slightly quieter house. However, while all incoming freshmen face differences that they are not used to, this change is even more profound for homeschooled students.

I was homeschooled by my mother from kindergarten through my senior year of high school. One could say that college was the very first time I went to an "official" school at all. On top of this, I am an only child. With no siblings around, my teacher-to-student ratio was 1-1 every day. Because of this, I was nervous at the thought of moving out and being on a college campus where I only knew a handful of people. I had never had to register for classes, show up at a specific time in a different building from where I slept, or deal with any kind of group project. However, through all of this, I am very happy that my transition occurred here at Dallas Baptist University and not somewhere else. DBU’s welcoming atmosphere calmed many of my initial nerves and gave me confidence in my new surroundings.

When it came to classes, I did not struggle with the academic side of things. I believe that my time being homeschooled trained me to be able to study and read on my own with less guidance than others.

The thing I worried about the most ended up being the thing that was the easiest to resolve. Leading up to SWAT week, I was worried about meeting people and finding friends. However, the student body at DBU welcomed me, and I quickly found people with whom I could have fun with and build me up as a follower of Christ. That is the thing that ultimately sets DBU apart from other colleges. Here, everything truly is Christ-centered. Being surrounded by so many encouraging people definitely calmed all of my fears.

Dallas Baptist University is a great place to find a quality Christian higher education. My experience as a homeschooled student coming into college at DBU was so much smoother than those of other homeschooled students I have known who have gone elsewhere. Though I felt unprepared at first, I knew that I was home as soon as I got here.

My journey to DBU began late in 2012, right after I finished my Associates Degree at a local community college. I was unsure of my next step, but I kept hearing about DBU. Before I knew it, I was registered for the spring 2012 semester at DBU.

As I prepared for my first semester at DBU, I looked back over my homeschool experience with a sense of thankfulness. I was homeschooled for most of my life and am appreciative of how it prepared me for college.

As a new student, one of the things that was hardest for me was adapting to the cafeteria. I never attended a lunch hall at a public school, so I was not at all prepared to be surrounded by a couple hundred people on a consistent basis while eating. At first I didn't like to eat at the cafeteria because I didn't know anyone. However, after a couple of weeks, I met some guys and we started to eat together on a regular basis. I think just hanging out at the cafeteria was one of the best things that happened to me as a homeschool student transitioning into a college student. I have a lot of good memories of my brother and I hanging out with our friends in the cafeteria for lunch.

Some of my fondest memories come from hours spent participating in intramural sports here at DBU. Early on I discovered that there were different softball, basketball, and ultimate frisbee tournaments spread throughout each semester. When I would finish my homework for the day, you could always find me at the basketball or volleyball court. Participating in intramural sports helped me adapt to the university, and I also met a lot of people who I am still friends with to this day.

I have been truly blessed by Dallas Baptist University. This university has changed my life in so many ways. I am grateful for my homeschool education because it prepared me for what was ahead.

There were some challenges, but as I look back, I am so thankful that the Lord directed me to the University on the Hill.

The brothers grew up in Joshua, Texas, located south of Fort Worth, Texas and about an hour away from DBU.

"I have always been proud of the education I received at home through Pensacola Christian Academy’s home education material. I worked very hard to complete all of my work in order to attend a good Christian university without having a difficult time adjusting to college level work." - Cameron Hulcy

Cameron explains how DBU made the transition easy and how he was accepted into the program he wanted to pursue. Although they grew up in the same household, each brother had their own concerns about transitioning as a homeschooler into attending a private Christian college. For Cameron, his main worry was whether or not he would be labeled a “homeschooler” right off the bat, and if he could get away without talking about it. He was anxious about being socially awkward and not making friends, which would typically be blamed on the fact that he was homeschooled.

Landon was faced with a number of emotions about the transition, the most apparent emotion being fear. He explains, “My first experience at DBU was nothing like I had feared. The faculty and staff were friendly and encouraging, and the freshman orientation and SWAT events, through which I met several lifelong friends, were well-planned and exciting.

Each new first-year student and transfer student entering DBU in the fall semester attends Orientation and Registration during the summer before the fall semester starts. Landon remembers being nervous about going through registration and was concerned about encountering any problems that would affect his college career and whether or not he would make friends or be alone throughout college. “Contrary to my worries,” Landon explains, “Orientation and Registration went as smooth as one could hope, and I was able to have my parents assist me during the process. DBU did a great job scheduling the times when students were away from their parents, and when parents were there to help. This allowed me to make important decisions on my own, while also enabling my parents to be a part of the process.”

Cameron’s first year at DBU was rough, due to commuting to campus every day. He would make the excuse that he didn’t have many opportunities to hang out with friends due to a long drive to and from home. Things became better when Cameron decided to move onto campus his second year. He shares,“I knew God had bigger plans for me at DBU.” He recalls how DBU was intentional about emphasizing the importance of a good prayer life during college and continued to pray for opportunities to grow. He turned every moment of worry into a moment of prayer and recalled how God is in control and how it was irrational to be afraid. Cameron’s roommates were an answer to his prayers. Cameron says his roommates were “exactly what [he] needed; passionate, committed Christian guys, two of whom had been homeschooled.” Through this great group of guys, a friend recommended him for his first DBU job in the IT Help Desk. Cameron continued to grow spiritually, and while working at the help desk, he was introduced to his future wife.

Landon recalls how he “could not have asked for a better college experience than what DBU has provided. Living in the dorms my freshman year was not something that I will soon forget. From the crazy games that my friends and I played in the halls, to the late-night meals in the cafeteria, it was a fun and safe experience.”

When looking back at his time at DBU, Cameron attributes the smooth transition to prayer. “I am absolutely sure that the confidence I had in the words I prayed came from the encouragement I received from the various counselors and advisors who emphasized the importance of prayer. DBU gave me a group of friends I will always be grateful for, an environment to grow spiritually, master’s degrees for my wife and me, and most importantly, my beautiful wife. Overall, there are far too many blessings to quantify or qualify, and it all started with an encouraging message to pray.”

Going into my first semester of college was both exciting and a little scary. I was homeschooled my whole life and had never stepped foot into a “real” classroom. When God opened the door for me to attend DBU, I knew that this was His plan and that I had to take that leap of faith. When my parents came to help move me in, I was so excited about the new journey I was about to take. After all, I was raised to be a strong, independent person. I knew that I would be just fine learning to live on my own. It wasn’t until they left for the first time that I thought to myself, “What am I doing?!”

The transition from a homeschooled student to a college student has both advantages and disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages I have discovered is you can’t wear your PJ’s all day, cafeteria food does not even compare to Mom’s home cooked meals, and sharing a bathroom with 20 other girls is much harder than sharing with your brothers and sisters. Don’t worry though, those transitions are really easy to overcome.

On the other hand, being homeschooled has definitely helped me in the long run. Homeschooling teaches you more life skills than you may realize. I have found that learning self-motivation and time management is vital, and various study skills throughout the years have been a huge advantage in college.

Overall, college is a ton of fun! Here are a few tips that I have learned.

  1. Manage your time well. Make time for both study and fun!
  2. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Visit the Math Lab or Writing Center. DBU provides many resources to make your life easier.
  3. Make time for God. He has brought you this far and He will not let you down now. He is the best stress reliever, encourager, and motivator.

In college, you will meet some of your closest friends, learn a lot about yourself, and develop life skills that you will carry on for the rest of your life. College only happens once, so have fun and enjoy every minute of it!