We work to make a Christ-centered education at DBU valuable. Then we went one step further. We partner with you to make it affordable. 

We believe in the value of a Christ-centered education at DBU—so much so that we are committed to partnering with you to make it affordable for your family. 

Will I qualify?

Even if you think your family earns too much to qualify for federal and state financial aid, or too little for the aid to make much of a difference, we encourage all students to complete and submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

“A third of families with college-bound students don’t submit FASFA’s, and nearly half of them say they didn’t think they were eligible for aid…”
(Sallie Mae, financial services for education)

The truth is that almost every family qualifies for some form of assistance. Regardless of income, most families are eligible for multiple types of aid, such as federal loans (Direct, and Parent and PLUS Loans).

Students are frequently surprised by the amount of financial aid for which they qualify.

Does it cost to find out how much financial aid I am eligible to receive?

Filing is free, and unless you apply, you'll never know how much assistance you may be eligible to receive. Additionally, most institutional and outside scholarships require students to complete the FAFSA each year.