I came to DBU as a freshman in the fall of 2011. My journey to DBU was nothing short of exciting, and I am significantly blessed to attend this God-fearing University.

My transition from high school to college was quite different compared to the majority of high school students, because of my homeschooled background. As a homeschooled student, I was worried that my high school credits would not be accepted by a large majority of colleges and universities. I quickly found, however, that most colleges were willing to work with me on this issue. DBU was instrumental in working with me to ensure that I was admitted into the University.

Upon my acceptance to DBU, I anticipated my move to a college dormitory to be seamless. Transitioning from residing at home to residing in a college dormitory with hundreds of other occupants was definitely a culture change. Though the process of moving into my college dorm was smooth, no one could have prepared me for the valuable lessons I would learn while living in the dorms.

While living at home I had the ability to control the environment around me. This luxury is no longer available when you move into a dorm room. You must learn how to cohabitate with other people who have a different lifestyle, different likes and dislikes, and even different perceptions on life. Learning how to resolve conflict within a college dormitory is significantly important.

During my time at DBU, I was privileged to take part in intramurals and in Greek Life. The DBU RecLife staff does a great job in developing intramural leagues for various sports that are competitive, and glorifying to God. DBU’s Greek Life organization contains multiple fraternities and sororities which are focused on developing community within the University, and striving to give glory to God through our relationships and our service projects.

DBU has tremendously blessed my life. DBU welcomes all students who desire to pursue a Christ-centered quality higher education. This includes homeschooled students, like myself, as well!

DBU has a great support system for all students, and the faculty/staff are willing to lend a helping hand. Though college is challenging, it is very rewarding. My hope is that you will embrace the opportunity to attend DBU!