College is a time of transition for everyone. Students are moving away from home and living more on their own, while parents have to learn to live with a slightly quieter house. However, while all incoming freshmen face differences that they are not used to, this change is even more profound for homeschooled students.

I was homeschooled by my mother from kindergarten through my senior year of high school. One could say that college was the very first time I went to an "official" school at all. On top of this, I am an only child. With no siblings around, my teacher-to-student ratio was 1-1 every day. Because of this, I was nervous at the thought of moving out and being on a college campus where I only knew a handful of people. I had never had to register for classes, show up at a specific time in a different building from where I slept, or deal with any kind of group project. However, through all of this, I am very happy that my transition occurred here at Dallas Baptist University and not somewhere else. DBU’s welcoming atmosphere calmed many of my initial nerves and gave me confidence in my new surroundings.

When it came to classes, I did not struggle with the academic side of things. I believe that my time being homeschooled trained me to be able to study and read on my own with less guidance than others.

The thing I worried about the most ended up being the thing that was the easiest to resolve. Leading up to SWAT week, I was worried about meeting people and finding friends. However, the student body at DBU welcomed me, and I quickly found people with whom I could have fun with and build me up as a follower of Christ. That is the thing that ultimately sets DBU apart from other colleges. Here, everything truly is Christ-centered. Being surrounded by so many encouraging people definitely calmed all of my fears.

Dallas Baptist University is a great place to find a quality Christian higher education. My experience as a homeschooled student coming into college at DBU was so much smoother than those of other homeschooled students I have known who have gone elsewhere. Though I felt unprepared at first, I knew that I was home as soon as I got here.