The brothers grew up in Joshua, Texas, located south of Fort Worth, Texas and about an hour away from DBU.

"I have always been proud of the education I received at home through Pensacola Christian Academy’s home education material. I worked very hard to complete all of my work in order to attend a good Christian university without having a difficult time adjusting to college level work." - Cameron Hulcy

Cameron explains how DBU made the transition easy and how he was accepted into the program he wanted to pursue. Although they grew up in the same household, each brother had their own concerns about transitioning as a homeschooler into attending a private Christian college. For Cameron, his main worry was whether or not he would be labeled a “homeschooler” right off the bat, and if he could get away without talking about it. He was anxious about being socially awkward and not making friends, which would typically be blamed on the fact that he was homeschooled.

Landon was faced with a number of emotions about the transition, the most apparent emotion being fear. He explains, “My first experience at DBU was nothing like I had feared. The faculty and staff were friendly and encouraging, and the freshman orientation and SWAT events, through which I met several lifelong friends, were well-planned and exciting.

Each new first-year student and transfer student entering DBU in the fall semester attends Orientation and Registration during the summer before the fall semester starts. Landon remembers being nervous about going through registration and was concerned about encountering any problems that would affect his college career and whether or not he would make friends or be alone throughout college. “Contrary to my worries,” Landon explains, “Orientation and Registration went as smooth as one could hope, and I was able to have my parents assist me during the process. DBU did a great job scheduling the times when students were away from their parents, and when parents were there to help. This allowed me to make important decisions on my own, while also enabling my parents to be a part of the process.”

Cameron’s first year at DBU was rough, due to commuting to campus every day. He would make the excuse that he didn’t have many opportunities to hang out with friends due to a long drive to and from home. Things became better when Cameron decided to move onto campus his second year. He shares,“I knew God had bigger plans for me at DBU.” He recalls how DBU was intentional about emphasizing the importance of a good prayer life during college and continued to pray for opportunities to grow. He turned every moment of worry into a moment of prayer and recalled how God is in control and how it was irrational to be afraid. Cameron’s roommates were an answer to his prayers. Cameron says his roommates were “exactly what [he] needed; passionate, committed Christian guys, two of whom had been homeschooled.” Through this great group of guys, a friend recommended him for his first DBU job in the IT Help Desk. Cameron continued to grow spiritually, and while working at the help desk, he was introduced to his future wife.

Landon recalls how he “could not have asked for a better college experience than what DBU has provided. Living in the dorms my freshman year was not something that I will soon forget. From the crazy games that my friends and I played in the halls, to the late-night meals in the cafeteria, it was a fun and safe experience.”

When looking back at his time at DBU, Cameron attributes the smooth transition to prayer. “I am absolutely sure that the confidence I had in the words I prayed came from the encouragement I received from the various counselors and advisors who emphasized the importance of prayer. DBU gave me a group of friends I will always be grateful for, an environment to grow spiritually, master’s degrees for my wife and me, and most importantly, my beautiful wife. Overall, there are far too many blessings to quantify or qualify, and it all started with an encouraging message to pray.”