Going into my first semester of college was both exciting and a little scary. I was homeschooled my whole life and had never stepped foot into a “real” classroom. When God opened the door for me to attend DBU, I knew that this was His plan and that I had to take that leap of faith. When my parents came to help move me in, I was so excited about the new journey I was about to take. After all, I was raised to be a strong, independent person. I knew that I would be just fine learning to live on my own. It wasn’t until they left for the first time that I thought to myself, “What am I doing?!”

The transition from a homeschooled student to a college student has both advantages and disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages I have discovered is you can’t wear your PJ’s all day, cafeteria food does not even compare to Mom’s home cooked meals, and sharing a bathroom with 20 other girls is much harder than sharing with your brothers and sisters. Don’t worry though, those transitions are really easy to overcome.

On the other hand, being homeschooled has definitely helped me in the long run. Homeschooling teaches you more life skills than you may realize. I have found that learning self-motivation and time management is vital, and various study skills throughout the years have been a huge advantage in college.

Overall, college is a ton of fun! Here are a few tips that I have learned.

  1. Manage your time well. Make time for both study and fun!
  2. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Visit the Math Lab or Writing Center. DBU provides many resources to make your life easier.
  3. Make time for God. He has brought you this far and He will not let you down now. He is the best stress reliever, encourager, and motivator.

In college, you will meet some of your closest friends, learn a lot about yourself, and develop life skills that you will carry on for the rest of your life. College only happens once, so have fun and enjoy every minute of it!