Suggested Academic Curriculum

The following high school academic units are recommended for all applicants.

English 4 years
Mathematics 3 years
History/Social Studies  4 years
Science  2 years (minimum 1 year lab science)
Foreign Language 2-3 years


We do NOT require any extra steps for admission or scholarships for homeschooled students. So, no class rank? No problem.

  Homeschool Students NON Homeschool Students
Application YES YES
High School Transcript YES YES
High School Rank NO NO
Admission Essay NO NO



Check out our admissions page for more information on our policies and process. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call at 214-333-5360 or 1-800-460-1328. We have individuals ready to help you navigate the way between completing your high school education and beginning your college experience.

High School Transcript

Need help creating a high school transcript? Please feel free to use our High School Transcript Template, which will help you ensure all information required is included.