We hope that you will consider joining the DBU family and allowing us to partner with you as you seek to discover God’s calling in your life. Those of us on the faculty and administrative staff are here to encourage you, challenge you, teach you, and walk alongside you as you grow not only in your walk with the Lord but also in your academic achievement. Noted evangelical historian Mark Noll states that “the great hope of Christian learning is to delve deeper into the Christian faith itself…and going deeper into the Christian faith means, in the end, learning more of Jesus Christ.”

As with the great Christian thinkers through the ages, we believe that the more we discover about the world around us, the more we discover about Christ, and the more we learn about Christ, the more effective we can be to serve others and impact the world for the Kingdom of God.

Please take the time to pray earnestly about where it is that God wants you to go to school. If it is DBU, then we would love to show you how the Lord is using DBU students to change the world and how you can join in this great work. To God be the Glory!

Dr. Adam C. Wright, President (read full bio here)