DBU Life

Top 10 Reasons to Live in the Dorm

  1. Total College ExperienceLiving on campus is ESSENTIAL to the joy of being in college
  2. Builds CommunityLive within minutes of your closest friends
  3. No Need to CookWith a variety of dining options, it is easy and convenient to get a meal without the hassle of cooking (or washing dishes)!
  4. ConvenienceLiving in the Residence Halls saves you from fighting traffic, you are close to on campus dining, and you live steps away from class.
  5. Better GradesStudies have shown that students that live on campus have better grades. The library is close, tutoring is close, and you can get in touch with your professors easier than living off campus.
  6. Money SavingsIt is a fact that living on campus will save you a lot of money. Living off campus is expensive and that is why DBU makes every effort to make living on campus the money saving option.
  7. Supportive StaffDBU provides you with a staff of Resident Directors and Assistants just waiting to support and guide you through your college experience.
  8. Get InvolvedYou will have a much easier time keeping up with all the fun extra-curricular opportunities DBU offers: intramurals sports, campus ministries, student life events…and so much more!
  9. Smooth TransitionLiving on campus, and getting plugged into activities, makes it easier for you to transition from high school to college.
  10. Fun Fun Fun!!!!!Living on Campus is a blast. You know when all the events are happening, dining is at your finger tips, and you make friends really easy!