DBU Life

DBU Traditions

  • Homecoming Week (Fall Semester)
    • The week of Homecoming is the most action packed week of the year. Alumni and Faculty/Staff have the opportunity to reconnect at various receptions and luncheons throughout the week. Students kick the week off with a special Homecoming chapel on Wednesday where the Homecoming court is presented to the student body. That afternoon, hundreds of students will attend the Coke Break in the Loft where the Student Life Office provides snacks which will satisfy any craving. Thursday ushers in one of the most anticipated events of the year, Mr. Big Chief. Mr. Big Chief, in short, is a comical male beauty pageant which contestants compete in swimwear, talent, and evening wear. The Homecoming Gala is the main event on Friday with alumni, faculty/staff, and students performing their musical talents in the Burg Center. After all of the celebrated class reunions and receptions, Saturday is game day.
  • Homecoming Tailgate Party & Game (Fall Semester)
    • The Tailgate Party is right before the game and is filled with carnival games, food, live music, and a radio announcer to highlight Patriot Sports. Everyone is then ushered down to the Burg Center to cheer the Patriot Basketball Team to victory! At halftime, the Homecoming Court is introduced and the winners are crowned. The week of Homecoming comes to a close off campus with the Bonfire Bash where students dance the night away.
  • Mr. Big Chief (Fall Semester)
    • Mr. Big Chief is a time honored DBU tradition where male students compete for the coveted title of “Mr. Big Chief” during the annual Homecoming week. Contestants compete in swimwear, talent, and evening wear portions. The tradition of Mr. Big Chief is that the winner from the previous year has the honor to plan and host the next year’s Mr. Big Chief. Mr. Big Chiefis not your average male pageant. Creativeness and humor are a must. Whether you come out as a yellow submarine for swimwear, choreograph a dance for your talent, and dress as a knight for your evening wear, charisma is key. The contestants are then narrowed down to the top five and the top five answer questions in front of the audience. The judges are sent to deliberate who they think should be honored as the next Mr. Big Chief. The winner is then announced and crowned with an Indian headdress as the year’s Mr. Big Chief.
  • DBU Cross Ring (Fall/Spring Semester)
    • At the center of your education at DBU our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ reigns supreme. It’s fitting that the official DBU Cross Ring displays the Cross of Christ on its center…reflecting the University mission of providing Christ-centered education through the integration of Biblical faith and academic learning. Each decoration and engraving of the Cross Ring symbolizes various things that relate to the Lord’s calling on your life, the mission statement of the University, and your experiences at DBU. Students receive their DBU Cross Ring at a Ring Commissioning Ceremony just prior to commencement services.
  • Candlelighting (Fall/Spring Semester)
    • Candlelighting is a DBU tradition that is always held in the Great Hall the Thursday night before Friday commencement services. The Candlelighting service is a culmination of a student’s time at DBU. It represents the completion of a student’s degree at DBU and harkens back to the candlelighting service that occurs during SWAT (student welcome and transition week) that marked the beginning. Candlelighting is a joyous, yet solemn, time for graduates and their families to reflect back on their time at DBU. The service consists of praise and worship, comments from University President, Dr. Gary Cook, a few testimonies from graduating students, and a time of reflection. The Great Hall is then darkened and each person’s candle is lit one by one each to illuminate the room.