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Crowley Hall

Lauren Moore

Hi, my name is Lauren Moore, and I am the Resident Director in the Crowley Complex.  Not only did I live in Crowley Hall for all four years of my college experience, but I also had the honor of serving as a Resident Assistant for three of those years. 

It was a true blessing to live in Crowley Hall for four years. I met one of my best friends after going potluck and was also a part of a community living environment that stretched me and grew me spiritually and socially. Crowley Hall is so much more to me than a residence hall; it is a true home!

My hope for you as a resident in the Crowley Complex is that you would grow close to each of the girls on your hall and develop a community that feels like a second home.  The Resident Assistants and I are here to help make this happen!

We will help develop a community living environment and plan exciting events to further that community. I am excited to get to know you and be your future RD! Know that I am here for you if you ever need anything and am looking forward to serving you!

Lauren Moore
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List of Amenities

  • Cable TV All rooms are equipped with cable television. Crowley Hall
  • Telephone Service/Voicemail Each room is equipped with a phone jack and voicemail service.
  • Internet/Wireless Free wi-fi is available over the entire DBU campus for registered DBU students.
  • Furnishings Each student is provided with a twin size bed, desk, chair and chest of drawers.
  • Free Laundry Service Our washers and dryers are located on the bottom floor and are free to all Crowley residents.
  • Vending Snack and soda machines are located on the bottom floor and stocked regularly.
  • Ice Maker/Microwave Located on the bottom floor.
  • Fitness Center The workout facility at DBU is free to all students carrying a current student ID.
  • Pool area The residence halls have a swimming pool and hot tub area located adjacent to the Crowley Complex.

Student Quotes

I have had the best time living in Crowley over the past 2 years. My freshmen year I grew and became more independent while living here. All the girls leave their doors open and share bathrooms so it feels like you are living in one big apartment. I met my “sisters”, who are my best friends here. After living here my freshman year, I felt the Lord calling me to be an RA. Being an RA is my ministry and calling from the Lord.

Hannah Groth
May 2010

Living in Crowley is like living in an environment and community where you can grow.

Liz Byrd
May 2011

Something new and fun happens every day in Crowley.

Brittany Umber
Elementary Education
May 2011

Being an RA in Crowley is like having 30 sweet, wonderful children who are also some of my closest friends.

Emily Hopmann
May 2011