DBU Life


What we need is not Christians who are also scholars but Christian scholars, not Christianity alongside education but Christian education.

Arthur Holmes The Idea of a Christian College

Education is the pursuit of knowledge, the quest for truth, and the search for understanding.


At DBU, we believe that

  • Honoring God is the beginning of knowledge
    Proverbs 1:7
  • Truth is a person you come to know
    John 14:6
  • Understanding is about pursuing good
    Job 28:28

Nearly every college or university can boast about a caring and supportive faculty, personal attention, a beautiful campus, and quality academics. DBU is no exception. We offer all of these and something more…a Christ-centered education that integrates faith and learning. It’s a special place where you are free to explore your faith in the classroom and free to live out your faith in the world.